Meet Dr. Mary Ursits, Energetic Artist

Hello to you my energetic friends!

I am a specialty artist who can successfully capture the energy and positive frequencies of colors and the healing vibrational effects they have on all of us! I believe that we each are amazing energetic beings, and this has brought me into full circle with my belief that God's Divine essence is my direct channel for creating my beautiful energetic art and for my intuitive gifts in helping others.

Each piece of art contains powerful vibrations of color that can provide healing energy for anyone's personal energy centers! I utilize a specific quantum bioenergetic technique to positively enhance these wonderful vibrations of color that you experience with this specialized art to help you bring balance to you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Enjoy a sense of balance, comfort, joy, peace, calm, or clarity as you view this beautiful art!

Personalized art, original art, energetic art prints, energetic mouse pads and Life Force Energetic Art journals are available for sale on this site.

I have clearly been blessed with combining my artistic skills with the positive power of meditation, prayer and personal energetic balancing to bring "alive" this healing energetic art to benefit everyone! Today, chalk pastels are my preferred medium for creating my "energetic" artwork! I love how I can use them to to create beautiful and energizing vibrating colors!

I have been featured as an "intuitive" practitioner on the monthly New Age Guild "Spirit Talk Radio" show, (, and my talents allow me to connect with an individual's soul essence to present insights on what that person is experiencing energetically. I have developed simple and effective color and breathing exercises to help any individual learn to bring balance to their energetic self. 

My journey in creating energetic art surfaced as an unexpected gift from God! WOW! It is a very humbling experience for me to realize that I have been chosen to utilize the Divine Christ Energy to positively impact the lives of so many people. Creating this energetic art has become my life's purpose, and my hope for you is that this art provides you with positive and enlightening energy every day you enjoy it!


My Inspiration

I was raised by my wonderful, loving and supportive parents Helen and Walt. My life is continually enhanced by the many life lessons they provided me.

Mom died in 1977, and her passing led me on a personal journey of learning about our energetic life force...what I refer to as "soul essence." At that time in my life, I began drawing what I called "spiritual guides" for various clients in several states. Some people refer to these guides as "angels."

Dad died in 2010, and shortly after his departure, I began working on my current series of "Life Force Energetic Art." This energetic art continues to grow and change as I grow and change in my own spirituality.

I am continually blessed by the opportunities my parents have provided me. They initiated my faith in God, and now the journey He is asking me to follow will enhance the lives of others with my "divinely inspired" creative talents!



  • I have been blessed with a 43 year career as a professional educator, and wore many "hats" during this time.
  • I taught 5th -12th graders art education in several public school settings in Georgia.
  • I was a professional state evaluator, trainer and supervisor for two mandated teacher certification programs in Georgia.
  • I enjoyed the role of school administrator in both elementary and preschool settings in Georgia.
    I taught undergraduate teacher candidates at Kennesaw State University, and coordinated both state and national program standards for the Elementary and Early Childhood Education Department.
  • I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, my Master of Education degree from Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia and my doctorate degree in school leadership from Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.