Energetic Coasters

Energetic Coasters

These energetic coasters capture the same positive healing energy of color vibration present in the original Life Force Energetic artwork!

They are sold individually for easy mix and match, and are made from a durable soft top, rubber backed non slip material. Size:  4.0" x 4.0".

Enjoy infusing the healing energy of color vibration into your hot or cold drinks throughout the day!

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Infinite Love Coaster

The energy of "Infinite Love" is captured on durable plastic energetic coasters. Your Divine connection to God and everyone who loves you is forever present in your heart! These three words, "I LOVE YOU", are so very powerful! FEEL your heart warm and tingle with the shimmering beauty of "Infinite Love"and the healing energy it provides.


Joyful Motion Coaster

This beautiful energy can serve as a gentle reminder about the importance of creating positive moments throughout the day to enhance your energetic balance.

Move with your energy and be joyful!


Healing Circle Coaster

This sacred "Healing Circle" of energy is continuously in motion with positive and pure color vibration! Focus on the center of this beautiful piece and notice how quickly the energy brings you to a total state of peace and calm. 


Priestesses of Mother Earth Coaster

Your "Priestess" energy exists because of your spiritual connection to your Divine Feminine Source and the inner calm you feel and experience when you consciously connect to this pure love and healing energy.

As you experience the vibrational effects of this beautiful piece, feel how you are being grounded by the energy of "Mother Earth"!

Move your steps forward as you strengthen the inner wisdom and insights you need to enjoy each day of the special path life brings.


God Love Coaster

The divine healing energy of "God Love" is showering down on you!

Feel it and bathe in it as these vibrational colors balance your energy centers!


Rhythm Of Your Energy Coaster

Just imagine if you could put on a pair of "energy glasses" and view the rhythm and flow of energy throughout your energetic self!

Allow this beautiful energy to help you visualize moving the positive vibrational colors of healing energy throughout your entire being...so very joyful and calming!


See Me! Feel Me! Heal Me! Coaster

This beautiful energy is showering you with pure Divine love!

ALL of your personal chakra energetic centers can be positively affected when you take time to see, feel and allow this energy to provide you healing balance and calm throughout your entire being!


Prosperity Coaster

Bursting with energetic color, use this beautiful energy to help you visualize what you could bring into your world that can make your life richer!

Is it money, new relationships, a more fulfilling job, etc.?

You choose, as this is your personal journey to enjoy!


Pranic Healing Coaster

With this beautiful energetic piece, feel yourself being surrounded with the rhythmic movement of healing color vibrations.

Begin breathing in the colors and sense these vibrations touching you deeply into your cells as they move throughout your body.

Breathe in and out and enjoy the state of balance you experience with this healing energy!


Right of Passage Coaster

Open yourself to your inner intuitive self by focusing at the center of this beautiful energy.

Ask for guidance with a situation you are experiencing, and follow this guidance with the healing energy of positive thoughts, words, and actions.

Know when you have mastered your experience and release it.  

Express gratitude and create you special Dance of Joy as you celebrate your "right of passage"!  

Repeat when needed!